MAKER Moving Pictures is a small post production studio based in Durban, South Africa.
With multiple award-winning projects, we are known for our passion and dedication.
We believe that our unique approach and reliability, brings great value to our clients.

MAKER provides proffesional Editing, Colour Grading, VFX, Animation and Finishing services.
We are super proud to have worked with these organisations and look forward to working with you!
Please get in touch with us on the contact page.


“I hate Jon. Can’t stand him, in fact.
Because he makes the rest of us look like a bunch of slack-jawed, under-achievers.
Every project he takes on he treats like it’s the most important, most exciting job in the world – and it shows in the results.
He overdelivers on every one of our briefs to produce something mesmerisingly breathtaking; making them more than we’d
expect or could ever have dreamt possible.
No request is ever too much; he inspires everyone around him with his myriad ideas and electrifying vision of ‘not what is
but what can be”.
The value he’s added to ours and our clients’ businesses is immeasurable.
So, to tell you the truth, I don’t hate Jon… I love him. Love his passion and his infectious enthusiasm to produce something
beautiful every time. And I love that he makes me look better than I am – because I was clever enough to choose working
with him. You should do the same.”

Alan Edgar, Executive Creative Director @ TBWA.

“We use Maker Moving Pictures exclusively for all our top end Post work, that is non-negotiable! Whilst a lot of experience
has left our sunny shores, it is such a treat to have a world class facility on our doorstep. I wouldn’t only encourage other
people to use them, I’d force them if I could!”
Marc Lewis, Creative Director @ Collectiv.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Maker Moving Pictures over the last 5 years and I would highly recommend
Jon, and Maker Moving Pictures, for any animation or graphics work required. His artistic style and skill set is supported with
a highly professional and reliable work ethic. He is attentive and considerate to schedules and provides a continuously high
standard of work from first draft to final delivery.
Their dedication and expertise make the entire process a creative pleasure and provide all those involved the time, space
and productive energy required to deliver the best possible product.
Maker Moving Pictures would be an asset to any project and I highly recommend Jon for any endeavour he chooses to
pursue. In fact, i’m currently working with Maker on a new show for Smithsonian and Nat Geo Wild and will continue to work
with them far into the future.”
Benjamin G Hewett – Senior Producer @ Earth Touch

“On every project we have had with Maker, Jon and his team have consistently produced more than we hoped for, sooner
than we expected. They deliver on their promises and always bring more to the table; an idea, a technique, something
cutting edge that helps the work stand head and shoulders above the rest.”
Heidi Rughubar, TV and Radio Producer @ TBWA